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We follow our customer in each step of purchases: on-site visit, support on hydraulic and electrical systems and last but not least the control of all the furniture before the delivery by our staff.

We actually unpack and preassemble all the items before the delivery to the customer in order to avoid any unpleasant surprises such as missing, wrong or damaged products as it often happens, as matter of fact in most cases products are delivered without any kind of control.

Delivery and assembly of furniture are managed only by our internal staff.

Thanks to the flexibility of the products we sell, we are able to develop tailor-made solutions starting from branded products. The result? A unique project, created only for you with the quality, delivery time and costs of a mass-produced production but completely customized for your needs.

We also support our customers in payments. Payment terms are customized according to individual needs. Our financial consulting service will find the best solution for you.